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“Dear Jean,

Both Paz and I, want to express our fondest gratitude for providing to us and our gang the most wonderful experience that makes us wish for the next great adventure in the near future. Thank you for your great patience and friendship and professionalism.

Fondly with warm regards,”

Boris and Paz

Boris Baranovich Architects, New York, NY 10016

(The Croatia/Venice was their 8th trip with me)

“The tour was perfectly planned and carried out. You gave us all the feeling you cared and I am most grateful.”

Edgar Tafel, FAIA  (worked for over 8 years with Frank Lloyd Wright and wrote three books about his experience. Rooms at the New York Center for Architecture were named after him. He took three courses and two tours to France).

“The trip to France with you was the best trip we ever made. You certainly went out of your way to make everyone happy. Your planning, knowledge and wit  made it a all an unforgettable experience. We haven't developed the accent yet, but as we put on some pounds during the trip, we are now both partly French”

Barbara & Kaj Marc-Wogau, Weaverville, NC

“Our tour guides were outstanding, polite, knowledgeable well spoken and gave us the opportunity to participate in tours to architect’s offices, city planning offices and historic sites that we probably would not have been able to see. Two university professors stood out. The opening remarks by a survivor of the communist system and Professor Scheploff’s view of architecture. This was an opportunity to see Central Europe, its history, architecture, decorative arts and local culture. For this we thank you.”

Thomas.F. Cole, C+R Achitects, Cincinnati, about a tour to Prague, Vienna & Budapest. Came also on other trips including one in Italy.

“Tour ranks significantly better than others of its kind due to instructor’s vast, brilliant and insightful knowledge of all subjects, enabling him to address specific topics in depth… An unforgettable experience to be treasured for the rest of one’s life!”

Brenda Hutchins, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Her husband and her hired Jean for a private tour of Provence after having taken a group tour with him to the Loire Valley.

“We appreciate so much the opportunity to have shared time with your delightful tour group.  You have our highest recommendation in all areas. It amazes us how we were able to see and do so much in such a short while. Jean, your historical insight was an added dimension beyond compare.  You are truly a great guide!”

Marilyn Vaughn, ASID (Mount Dora, Florida) Took three tours, the last one in Savannah in February 2011.

“The best was the breadth of knowledge of the history and culture of France.  The worst was having to go home. A treat for the eyes, ears and mind.”

Elias Benabib, Harbour Island, Florida

“Mrs. G. and I thank you for the most enjoyable tour of Paris and the Loire Valley. We were impressed by your efficient tour, friendly treatment of us, your willing accommodation of our every need and whim.  We appreciated your doing the many extra things for us that made the whole trip memorable.  We would like to travel to France again with you as our guide.  In the meantime we will recommend your services to anyone.”

Mr. & Mrs. I. Gillespie (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

“Dear Jean,

We have never had a more delightful trip. The variety and interest of your choice of activities for us has been tops.  And you have taken wonderful care of us. Many, many thanks.  Sincerely,”

Liz & Dick Krueger, Asheville

“Presents art, architecture and history in a way in which it finally makes sense!  His explanation of all of the marvelous things we saw, including the landscape, was perfect and to the point. Excellent! Wonderful! Brilliant! Thank you for changing my life. I see the world of design differently now thanks to you.”  

Philip A. Ruggieri, R.A. (Turnersville, New Jersey)

“Jean made history, architecture, & décor meaningful!  Although I’ve taken courses in art, architecture, history and design, they never came alive and blended together like they did in this presentation.  This is the only way design should be presented! Everything I have ever read or learned previously now has meaning.  I can truly understand the purpose and intent of interior design and architecture as it relates to the French regions of Burgundy and Provence.  I will attend every class Jean gives that I can afford the time and money to go to – it’s worth it.  I realize now how much there is to learn.  This tour has made me want to be a better designer and to educate others about interior design.”

Sherry Ruggieri, ASID (Turnersville, New Jersey) She & her husband took two tours to Europe and one seminar.

“Learned more in one week than a regular college semester.  Looking forward to doing it again!”

Karen Sundeen, Clearwater, Florida

“Nancy and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip to Provence and Paris. This trip ranks with the best vacation trips we ever taken. Your direction and "lectures" bridged the cultural gaps that existed before the trip. Your choice of hotels, cafes and restaurants was superb. This trip was a perfect blend of seeing new sights, experiencing a new culture and language, enjoying good food, and learning a lot in the meantime. Our preconceived ideas of France and the French were completely changed for the best. Please keep us on your list of future trips.”

Mr. & Mrs. R. Cota, Sarasota, Florida

“The best was the comprehensive/extensive presentation of history and architecture. The architectural universities should seek his professional knowledge and services.  

Thomas Albers, Apopka, FL. 3 tours + many seminars.

The last tour he took was February 5th 2014 to Charleston.

“The best feature… the instructor’s vast knowledge.

The worst… it wasn’t a month long. Don’t change a thing!

It’s fantastic!”

Marcello Luzi, Philadelphia, PA . Went on three tours.

“We feel particularly fortunate to have had you as our personal guide for the trip..

I admit I learned more about art and architecture, ancient and modern, than I have ever had the opportunity to learn before.... Thanks again for a lovely trip.”

Mr. and Mrs. W. Pickle, Sarasota

“Anyone considering a trip to France with Jean Renoux will not be sorry... Most important however is Jean's knowledge and his ability to plan a diversified trip.”

Mrs. B. Gafill, Siesta Key, Florida

“Best tour I’ve been on! Organization was great! The instructor was so knowledgeable.”

Kathy Gillman, Orlando, FL (went on 4 tours with her husband)

“Jean has an amazing knowledge of history and architecture – I’m inspired to learn more!  This tour will help me greatly.”  

Chip Murrah, AIA, Atlanta

“The absolute best CEU course I have taken twenty years!”

Janet Garner, ASID (Atlanta, Georgia)

Mrs. Garner came on a tour of the Loire Valley. The following year she took 18 designers and support personnel from her firm on the same tour.  Then a year later she came on a tour to Italy.


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