Comments from participants who took French or Italian Architecture and Decor seminars

(20 hours of classes in two days):

Comments from participants who took

 a Green Building seminars

(20 hours of classes in two days):

“Jean Renoux is a wealth of knowledge on French furniture, art, architecture and culture. The course is presented in an organized fashion and with humor. A very enjoyable seminar and learning experience.”

Fran d'Alessandro, Dania

“Jean Renoux is a brilliant instructor who makes the information sink in and time fly. This class makes me want to learn more.”

Janice Robinson Stjern, Sarasota, Florida

“Anyone who has a love of the humanities /art history, etc. should take this course. The slides are wonderful. Jean's knowledge of history of the furniture is marvelous. I learned at lot of background history never learned in college.”

Janine Baugmartner, Altamonte Springs, Florida

“Part of my job is to educate my clients and this course will help me bring a humanity to styles that are often as intimidating as they are beautiful.”

Gayl Scruton, Sarasota, Florida

“One of the best and most interesting seminars I’ve done since licensing started. Very entertaining and I was pleasantly surprised how much history

I learned even now.”   

Micheline LaBerge, Sarasota

“Jean possesses an astounding gift for public speaking and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things relevant to the visual poetry that is European architecture/décor, including furnishings, fabrics and landscape considerations.  Additionally, I learned more from Mr. Renoux about European history than I ever did from any of my college professors!”  

Marguerite Mueller, Burlington, Ontario

“Mr. Renoux is very well prepared, knowledgeable and interesting with his seminar. I enjoyed this course immensely and look forward to taking additional hours under his direction.”

Stanley J. Falls, Sarasota

“The ability of the instructor to synthesize history of design, politics, economics is absolutely amazing. The 20 hours was totally absorbing.”

Grenville Pullen, in Dania about a different seminar.

“Mr. Renoux 's vivacious enthusiastic presentation of historical material was so exciting! It commanded my attention.”

Ann C. Jones, Altamonte Springs, FL

Even though I was just in France last year on a design trip, I learned so much more in this class. It makes me want to return to France with Jean on one of his trips.

Lynn Markley, Altamonte Springs, Florida

“This was the most instructive, educational and entertaining seminar

I ever attended. This instructor is a master of his subject and makes it live. BRAVO!”

Grenville Pullen, in Orlando

“I think every designer in Florida should take one of Jean Renoux’s courses. He is a superb instructor and very entertaining as well.”

Gaylyn Cummings, Dania

“This was the most interesting course I have taken.  The instructor was excellent and held your interest for three days.”  

Patti Quartin

“The instructor's energy, knowledge of French & world  architecture/ design /furniture history was overwhelming and excellent. After this class I felt like I just had a blood transfusion of new knowledge. Thank you.”

Lillian Correa, Miami Beach, Florida

Marvelous personality and sense of humor. Presentation techniques are excellent. Shares a wealth of information.”

Nila Bandy, Jacksonville

“Best course I have attended so far. As another designer said: "Jean brought history to life," I concur.  Jean is not only knowledgeable of the subject, but he is gifted with the ability to convey it to others. Suggestion: repeat this course as much over this state as Jean is available.”

Anonymous designer or architect’s comments on the evaluation form in Dania

“The best feature of the course was the instructor's profound knowledge of the subject matter and his great ability to communicate.”

Betty Manry, Vero Beach, Florida

“Jean – a genius, knowledgeable, and fun.”  

Camille Mohaupt, ASID (Boca Raton, Florida) Went on tours too.

“I feel this class was life changing! What an eye opener. The hands on material, the presentation were excellent. This class exceeded my expectations.”

C. M. M., Orlando.

“The best was the direct application to current design projects + awareness of methods & materials.”

J. S., Miami.

“As always Jean feels a passion for what he teaches and is brilliant at conveying an enormous amount of technical and crucial information to his students in an interesting and amusing way so it stays with us.”  

B.M., Ft. Laud.

“The only instructor that can keep my interest up for 20 hrs in two days. Amazing, fascinating class.”

E.H., Miami.

“Very informative instructor. I have a better background of environmental products to pass on to clients.”  

Fran d’Alessandro, Naples

“This topic has the potential of being very boring, but this instructor has made it so interesting that there is no chance to be bored.

Kim Merbeek    

“The instructor was well prepared. He made a long day go by with his humor.” J.A., Naples.

“The best was the thoroughness of the number of subjects covered.”

E.S., Sarasota.

“Mr. Renoux has extensive knowledge & shares it. The best was that I learned a new way of designing that has a wide range of effects on the world.”

C.T. Melbourne.

“This class was better than I imagined. The instructor kept my attention the whole time. I wish I had brought more paper as there is so much valuable information that I didn’t want to forget. The best CEU class I have taken so far. Definitely worth the cost of the course.”

D. W., Sanford

Six out of ten in the Dodge’s Palace courtyard. The four others are walking behind.

Three of the people here have traveled twice and two of them have traveled three times with me before and have also taken at least three seminars.

In Venice.

“Although I've had courses in art, architecture, history, and design, they never came alive and blended together like they did in this presentation. This is the only way design should be presented! Everything I had ever read or learned previously now has meaning. I can truly understand and appreciate the purpose and intent of interior design and architecture. This course makes me want to be a better designer.”

Sherry Ruggieri, ASID, Turnersville, New Jersey

“I was thoroughly thrilled with this course!  I remained absolutely riveted to Jean’s interesting and well-versed delineation of the artistic, cultural, political, and historical influences that have shaped French and Italian décor and architecture through the centuries.  This class is a must for anyone involved in the cosmopolitan aspects of architecture and interior design.”

Carolyn Neve (Portland, Oregon)

“The best feature of the class was the instructor's depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for his topic. It is a well presented course, lively and informative that keeps one's interest for every hour. Please do more courses!

Carol Farkas, Vero Beach


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